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You Are Better Than You Think You Are

Wynne Marie Lacey

Sometimes we have to use irrational or illogical ways of thinking when dealing with Life.

Sometimes we have to step outside of the box and look at it from a different point of view to get the full view of the box itself.

I get the biggest goose-bumps right when someone makes the connection in their life circumstance to the larger “spiritual” picture – the “A-Ha!” moment when it all comes together – whereas before that moment, rational thought ALONE wasn’t providing the answers on how to move forward.

I am passionate about partnering with anyone, at any point in their journey towards self-mastery.

Please read on to find out how Spiritual Logic can serve you on your journey in becoming the best possible version of the only person you can be…YOURSELF!

Love and Light,


Once introduced to Spiritual Logic you will know you definitely came Here for a reason! Our visible bodies and external events are symbols of invisible forces.  By studying ourselves on the physical plane, we will come to intimately know the Divine Designer.  By objectively observing yourself, you can find the themes and patterns of your life that give clarity beyond normal logic.  There is no end to the self-wisdom you can gain using Cosmic Reasoning!  You were given specific circumstances with specific people to learn in a certain way!  Instead of questioning life it makes more sense to ask “What is life asking of me?” We are to strive for perfection even though we are never going to get there.  By striving for perfection, we can discern between what is permissible on earth for everyone and what is beneficial to ourselves as a unique individual.

Personal/Couple/Family Chart Readings $90 -$160

I will personally meet with you and provide a full personalized chart that gives knowledge of the your life purpose, your unique energy signature, the major achievements you are meant to pursue, the challenges and karmic lessons you are meant to learn from, and a full Life-Map.

a.       $90 for one person

b.      $125 for a couple

c.       $160 for three or more

Number of People

Report Only (without consultation) $33

A printed report that can be easily sent via e-mail or snail-mail. Pick from a Birthday Analysis, Anniversary Relationship Report or New Year’s ReSOULution. A great gift idea!

Number of People

Introductory Teaching Parties $10 per person

 (Symbolism instruction and do-it-yourself learning for 6-12 people)
I will come to your gathering and teach the sacred symbolism of numbers and how they were first designed by man.  Each person attending will learn how to decode their name and birthday. $10 per person fee due at party.

Conscious Business Consulting $125

(Naming, Timing, & Intentions)
We can sift through possible names that will bring the best blessings to you and your intentions for business. We can also discuss when is the best time to make a major move or change in a current business.

Kaleidoscope Coaching $333

(Six 1-hour sessions to create a personal power paradigm shift)
If you are like me, once you have seen through the eyes of your Higher Self, you want to roll up your sleeves and work with this new information.  “Cut through the crap,” as I like to say, and get some laser-focused life coaching so you can use your unique skills to contribute to this planet!

Returning Client $33

Weekly, Monthly or Yearly brief review of chart energies. These are short conversations around what specific energies are around you and how to make the most of them!

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